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WaxOne Bundle Kit

Excluding Sales Tax

Looking to fit your treatment room with the best of the best? Our Complete Package includes everything you will need to start your waxing business!


  • WaxOne Standard Warmer
  • Total Hard Wax 2.2lb Bag
  • 14oz WaxOne Strip Wax
  • WaxOne Pre-Wax Cleanser
  • WaxOne Post Wax Oil
  • Non-Woven Depilatory Strips (250/pk)
  • WaxOne Clean – Wax Remover
  • Wax Collars (50/pk)
  • LG 6″ Disposable Wooden Spatula (100/pk)
  • SM 4.5″ Disposable Wooden Spatula (100/pk)
  • Empty Tin
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