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Body Wax Training including Brazillian

'Smooth Skills, Flawless Results: Master the Art of Waxing with Us!'

  • 1 hour
  • 675 US dollars
  • Top Secret Beauty Spa and Academy

Service Description

Our wax training courses offer aspiring beauty professionals the opportunity to master the art of waxing techniques and procedures. These courses typically cover a wide range of topics such as different types of waxes, proper application methods, client consultation, and aftercare. Students will also learn about hygiene practices, skin anatomy, and how to minimize discomfort for clients during waxing sessions. By enrolling in wax training courses, individuals can gain the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the beauty industry and provide top-notch waxing services to their clients. In a comprehensive course training for waxing, you can expect to learn a variety of techniques and procedures to master the art of hair removal. This includes learning how to wax different areas of the body such as the brows, face, lips, legs, arms, underarms, and various body parts. You will be taught the proper techniques for each area to ensure safe and effective hair removal. Additionally, our courses cover specialized waxing services like Brazilian and bikini waxes, which require specific skills and attention to detail. Understanding the anatomy of the skin and hair growth patterns, as well as mastering proper sanitation and aftercare practices, are also essential components of a thorough waxing training program. By the end of the course, you should feel confident and skilled in providing professional waxing services to clients. During the waxing training, you can expect to see a variety of supplies that will be essential for the process. Here are some items that you can anticipate being included in your training: -Waxing strips: These strips are used to remove the wax along with the unwanted hair. -Waxing spatulas: Spatulas are necessary for applying the wax to the skin in an even layer. -Wax warmer: This device is used to heat the wax to the -appropriate temperature for safe and effective hair removal. -Pre-wax cleanser: A pre-wax cleanser is essential for preparing the skin before waxing to ensure the best results. -Post-wax oil or lotion: After waxing, it's important to soothe the skin with a gentle oil or lotion to reduce any redness or irritation. -Gloves: Gloves are crucial for maintaining hygiene standards during the waxing process. These supplies are just a few examples of what you may encounter during your waxing training. Each item plays a vital role in ensuring a successful and comfortable waxing experience for both the client and the esthetician.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Our policy states that once a participant has registered for T.S.B.S.A training, there will be no refunds provided after 72 hours before the scheduled training session. This policy ensures that the training facility can effectively manage their resources and schedule, as cancellations close to the training date can be challenging to fill with new participants. Additionally, the policy may also be in place to encourage participants to commit fully to the training, as last-minute cancellations can disrupt the learning experience for both the participant and the trainer. In addition to the no-refund policy, it is important to note that supplies for the T.S.B.S.A training are typically non-refundable as well. This is because the training facility may have already purchased and prepared materials specifically for the participant, and once the supplies have been used or opened, they cannot be returned or reused for another participant. It is advisable for participants to carefully consider their commitment to the training before registering to ensure they are fully prepared to attend and make the most of the learning opportunity.

Contact Details

  • 3845 Cypress Creek Pkwy, Houston, TX, USA


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